One night Bhaskar, a parking supervisor called me at 8PM and just after I picked his call he said his first word “THANK YOU”.  I asked why & what happened? And he explained to me how we changed his life. Before ParkingRhino, I was unable to reach my house before 10 PM and it was long since I could attend my daughter’s birthday. After using your technology, I could finish my work in time and reach my house by 8.30 PM. Because of it, today I could celebrate my daughter’s birthday along with my family.

Backdrop of Bhaskar’s Story:

Around 1 year back we approached Bhaskar, the very busy parking supervisor for a reputed and crowded hospital in Bengaluru, and provided a demo of our mobile Parking Management System. At first, he was reluctant to use our system as he was very comfortable with the existing system. Now after 1 year this is what he has to say about ParkingRhino.

Parking Mafia

Problems are a part of life and to survive amidst them is a different tale. Being a supervisor, my routine is mostly engaged and by the end of the day I am totally exhausted. I always thought of a possible way which could make my management system easier and reliable so that I could be at ease before the crunch time.

The main essence of leadership lies with the ease of solving problems generated. Lack of budgets and resources, also make things harder for a productive output. My only goal was to reduce my problems so that I could work comfortably. As they say, every action has a reaction and every problem has a solution, I was approached by some guys who were referred to as ‘Parking solvers’. These guys looked professional, reliable and trustworthy but I am too naïve to become a credulous. Although they introduce their motives to me clearly at the outset itself, but I was quite apprehensive of using their technology which they were offering to reduce my overcrowded workload.

ParkingRhino’s approach was simple and I was told of life changing experience once I start using their product. In short, they promise me that their product will have a positive impact in my professional as well as personal life. Well most of the sellers sell their fruits (even if it is rotten) with a bang for the buck, so initially I was timid to use their product. Eventually, after lot of well-defined product information and positive attitude of these guys, I decided to go for it. After all being a supervisor has naturally made me an altruistic and stand tall for all the risks. I thought if the technology as proposed by the ParkingRhino team works positively I will give it a go otherwise I kept my options open for other solutions too. After accepting their technology, we were provided with a detailed training. At first, I thought it to be a kind of rubik’s cube or a puzzle that might take long to understand and execute. But at first glance itself I was proved wrong. The training lasted for few minutes and I realized the app was not a brain storming game rather it was as easy as playing angry bird without any difficulty level to show up.  I realized that the technology will not only save me time but also make cash handling easier as well as trackable. In other words, after using this technology, managing the finance part of the day to day business has become more efficient and time saving. The app allows to track every single detail of the report generated even through mobile, even from my home. This has made my boss rely and believe in me. In addition, the technology is loaded with transparent communication. The people associated with the app are easy to communicate with in case of any problem which arises with the app. The root of the matter is checked thoroughly as soon as the problem arise is reported with the concern team.

After 1 year of using the ‘ParkingRhino Partner App’ I am happy to say that in reality my life has been impacted positively. Before using this technology, I was unable to reach my house before 10 PM and it was long since I could have dinner with my children and they used to go to sleep at that time. After using the ParkingRhino App, I could finish my work in time and reach my house by 8.30 PM. Because of it, from past 1 year I am eating dinner with my family on time and I can play with my children before they go to bed.

A simple technology that impact human life positively. People call them “Parking Mafia” without knowing human emotions of their life. They are just like normal people who are serving their needs. This is a story of only one Bhaskar in one city, and in reality, we have already impacted hundreds of such Bhaskars’ life. We are expecting to grow as a team and provide our services to many more in coming days.


Mriganka Deka

CTO, ParkingRhino