While going through todays ‘The times of India’, I read about attack on national cricketer Mohammed Shami for parking his vehicle for few minutes outside his own apartment.  As per the news, the cricketer parked his car on the road and some motorcycle accosted him for the same. After reading the news I was absorbed in deep thoughts on increasing problems for parking. Attack on Mohammed Shami has proved that even a famous person has to face the heat for parking in wrong place. Leave aside daily earners and delivery boys like me, one has to bear the burn if one is keeping the vehicle outside an area not available for parking. Apart from this piece of news, I remember the cancellation of comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s show in Mumbai because of parking issue. These news took me down to those memory lanes of my own parking woes during initial stage of my current profession which involves delivering food packages ordered via online to respective customers.

Parking Woes

From few years back, with increasing technology people have completely gone online. Big branded shops such as firstcry, amazon, flipkart and many more have encouraged online shopping to such an extent that they have their own office spaces and manforce to deliver the products to its consumers. As I have already mentioned that online shopping has become popular among new generation, another market which is gaining popularity is online food orders and delivery in time. I am one such delivery boy who is delivering products of my company to its respective consumers. We get food order from every nook and corner of Bangalore and delivery of designated food order in time is highly anticipated. Being a delivery boy, every day is extremely hectic and full of chaos for me. Although finding the location of the consumer is not difficult, the major problem I face lies in finding myself a parking slot. We have been provided with a four-wheeler goods carrier for the delivery. Despite the fact that our vehicle is small in size but to find a parking is not an easy task. Sometimes our customer want delivery in places where parking is not available and sometimes we end up in locations where the vehicle cannot enter beyond a certain area, either because of congested road or non-availability of parking even on the roadside. Unfortunately, this parking problem is generally ignored by our customers and we are left to pull ourselves in our own hands. In some cases, I have to pay the duck for late delivery despite reaching the location in time. Some of the customers suggest me to park the vehicle outside the location while they will drop by to collect their package. This suggestion put forth by them may sound simple, logical and acceptable but I must admit that this suggestion is only a sugar coating. If I try to convince them that parking is actually a big issue, it is most of the time considered rude and not good for my own career, as the customer might complain back to my employee. Therefore, accepting the suggestions or explaining about our woes to customer is futile. So, the fact of the matter is, in my job finding a parking spot is first and foremost.

I was informed by one of our colleagues that just like online shopping there is a buzz going around for finding solution to parking problems. All I needed at the moment was a key to solve my parking problems. After inquiring more about it I came across ‘ParkingRhino’. Initially I install the app only for experimental purpose and thought it to be one of those ‘use and uninstall’ kind of app. However, after using this app on regular basis (actually everyday), I have realized that I am not barking up the wrong tree. I am always in hurry and I need an app that can solve my problem instantly. ParkingRhino app is very much user friendly and using it is like a roll with butter. Before using the app, I use to get stuck in finding a parking and handing over the package seemed like a secondary thing to look after. But after using this app, finding a parking for my vehicle is now not only easy but also my time is saved. In addition, I can deliver the items to consumers in time and reach my next delivery location in time!

This app also shows real time figure of the parking areas. I recommend this app to all those people who are victim of parking menace. As I have use and tested it personally, I can say that my job has become easier now because of ParkingRhino. In short, I saw the sun on ParkingRhino’s back.

By Santosh, a happy delivery boy 🙂