What do you call as a smart living?

Or, in other words, which city would you dream to live in? Ideally, a city with less traffic? Less pollution? Less congestion?

A city that will give you work-life balance by making sure your commute time is least.

We are definitely progressing towards a smart city! And every smart city does promise you for a better living.

However, have you ever pondered over the infrastructure and system that is needed to build a smart city?

There are multiple elements, multiple units working together in bringing and establishing any smart city. One of the important systems is “Smart Parking”.

How does Smart Parking ensure Smart Living?

Smart parking is a new boon for commuters and drivers. Smart parking uses most transformative intelligent parking system incorporating smartphone GPS direction, and a robust data management platform, cities can now benefit from a system which generates analytics, has automated, smartphone payment capability, and optimizes parking utilization, efficiencies, and revenues.

Today cities are responsible for more than 75% of waste production, 80% of emissions, and 75% of energy utilization. With regard to Europe, road transportation produces about 20% of the total CO2 emissions, out of which 40% is generated by urban mobility. It is estimated that vehicles cruising for free parking spaces cause 30% of the daily traffic congestion in an urban downtown area.

Do you know that 88% of global parking spaces are not “SMART”?

Smart Living

  ParkingRhino improves quality of life!

Only 11% of global parking spaces are now “SMART”.

Data-backed decisions in our day-to-day lives are becoming more common and are helping us confidently make decisions to improve our lives.

Real-time traffic lets us know the best route to take, or suggests we run that errand later so we ultimately don’t waste time, gas… and patience.

Drivers spend less time on the road overall, as they are taken to open spaces and aren’t left driving around for longer periods of time searching for open space. As a result, emissions are reduced overall within the city’s limits.

The increased parking efficiency also drives tourism to the city’s epicenter, where shops and restaurants line the streets and are dependent on the ability of people to access the area.

  • Smart policy decisions can be made through Big Data.
  • Smart parking relives street & garage congestion and in-turn reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Integrated analytics provide information for multiple partners.
  • Digitized billing reduces parking time, increases customer satisfaction and in turn increases turnover.

At ParkingRhino, we are transforming the parking experience together with the living experience. We’re aiming to capture the 88% gap and build the world a smart place to live in.

Our IoT-based Smart Parking Platform provides a world-class unique set of technology and data capabilities to solve for parking management and congestion in the cities. Recently, we managed the entire parking of Kumbhmela, the biggest event in India and transformed into a smart event.

“Smart living is saving enough time. Smart Parking saves you enough time”