Imagine going to work and stepping inside your office within 5 minutes of reaching? However, the real story doesn’t reflect the same.

If you self drive, you spend at least 30 minutes on the road! When there is no traffic, that marks your lucky day, but if you’re caught in the traffic your entire day goes about fussing over the same.

Next, even when you manage to reach your office on-time, you add more time while parking your car because:

  • there are early office goers who manage to reach before you and occupy your favorite spot
  • you keep on taking rounds of your parking lot to find a parking space
  • sometimes you find the parking manager, sometimes you don’t
  • sometimes you don’t carry the change and ends up adding more time to pay the cash

Oh, that’s really tough to add to a work day!

We get you, we totally get you. And, to solve your problem we’re here. Before we explain how we will save your time, let’s look into some facts:

  1. Commuters waste a full week in traffic each year
  2. Searching for Parking Costs Americans $73 Billion a Year
  3. Out of 70.47 million passenger vehicles produced globally in 2018, almost 4 million units were assembled in India.

Ok, so these were few facts to relate.

We at ParkingRhino are changing and uplifting the lifestyle by making sure you have enough time to take care of your important things in life. We’re bringing SMART living to you.

We are empowering cities to manage to park and provide the best parking experience for drivers, merchants and solution providers. We are in 500+ locations, our digitized parking solution has 1500+ installations, we process more than 1,20,000 parking tickets per day.

How do we exactly save you time?

Let’s keep aside the jargon terms and let’s say you just want to know the real process.

  1. You download and install our Mobile App from Play Store or App Store.
  2. This app will help you find nearby parking.
  3.  You will get to know the available parking space real time before you reach your destination. Your destination can be your office or any mall.
  4. As soon as you discover the availability, you steer your wheel to that spot.
  5. Meanwhile, you may be asked to pay for the parking spot. Here you need not worry about if you have cash.
  6. You can make the payment digitally through the mobile app and get your ticket processed digitally.

This way you save at least 20 minutes of your daily work time, almost 5 days of the time annually. No more circling, no more cash payment. Go digital, go cashless.

Please note, in order to give you real-time availability prediction, the parking has to be listed on our platform. If you want to list your parking, please reach out to us directly at and we’ll do the needful.