You love Monday.

But you get Monday Blues thinking about how to reach to work and especially about how to park on-time? Well, we get you!

This is a grey area where the office administrators go helpless as the parking policy and management is done by the building operators. And, this definitely is a decision making concern while choosing an office space.

Employees’ productivity depends on how much time they can save and where can they invest the saved time. Time is real money.

Let’s imagine a typical workday morning.

You have an important meeting at 10 am in the office. You start from your home at 9 am and drive your car, you reach the office after 50 mins (ideally it should take 30 minutes, but traffic does add additional time). You are irritated by now because you have spent 20 minutes juggling in the traffic.

Next, you need to find a parking spot. But sadly, you can’t find any vacant parking space. This adds an additional 15 minutes for you to reach your office and by the time you reach, you are already late.

Sounds very familiar right?

Well, how about if you could see the real-time parking availability of your office parking space on your phone? On top of that, how about if you can pre-book your parking space online? In short, how about a smart living?

Yes, you can do all these by installing ParkingRhino Mobile App (provided the app is the parking partner for your office building).

ParkingRhino Mobile app is a smart parking platform service that

  • enables you to see the real-time availability of the parking space
  • enables you to pre-book your parking space
  • gives you an offer and some discounts on digital payments
  • gives you a seamless parking experience
  • saves your time

Sounds like a plan? Next time when you are driving to work, save your 20 minutes of the day using this mobile app.