What do you think about being “proactive”? How much does it save your time and how much it does it help you plan your things out?

Digitally, being proactive would mean ordering groceries in advance using e-commerce websites and scheduling it for your convenient time. Being proactive would also mean ordering your food online while you are reaching your home and tracking the delivery guy on the mobile app. With all such advancements, do you see how much well planned have you become?

Being proactive is a decision that you make in daily life. But to make such decisions, there are digital apps and platforms helping you in forecasting solutions for your needs.

One such need is to save time while you park your vehicle!

Have you wondered how much time do you spend on finding a parking a lot, parking your car and paying the parking fee? What if you could know in advance if the parking lot is available at all? What if you could block your parking lot in advance? What if you could make the payment digitally?

All such decisions to make the parking experience hassle free for you come from data!

Product companies such as ParkingRhino are building smart data platform to help you make your life easier. With our mobile app, you can easily discover and block your parking lot. But how do we forecast?

We use data! A lot of data!

Real time availability comes from analyzing data points such as the movement of your vehicle, the movement of other vehicles on the road, connecting parking meters, cameras, boom-barriers and sensors. We combine the power of Mobile, IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics to forecast parking availability.

We also have a reporting portal that is a real-time centralized data management system to track occupancy, revenue, duration and advanced BI data analytics.

We are using data to help you save your time and you are making data driven decision to add more to your time.

You can receive real time insights and detailed analytics about how is your city moving at any point of time. Let’s say you are travelling to one of the crowded mall in your city at peak time and you don’t want to hassle much to park your car. We can show you if there is a parking lot available at your reaching time. If not, we will show you and navigate you to the nearest available parking spot. See you don’t have to spend hours in just making a space for you.

We also analyze parking data and help companies increase their revenue by increasing their compliance and efficiency.

We are also helping in developing smart cities and contributing our part in providing you a smart living.

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